Wear & Care


Made U Smile pieces are handmade with love and we want you to fully enjoy our fashion jewelry.  We want that SMILE to last!  These simple wear and care tips will keep your jewelry looking beautiful for a long time.  Please handle each piece with care. 

AVOID contact with moisture.  Apply lotions, perfumes, body oils, hairspray, etc. first, then place your jewelry on last to minimize contact with the chemicals.  Some metals can tarnish over time due to exposure to moisture and or chemicals. These fun and fashionable pieces have certain stones and beads that can age quicker when exposed to moisture and other chemicals.

REMOVE before exercising, bathing, showering, swimming, cleaning and sleeping.  If your jewelry gets wet, dry it off immediately with a clean cloth.

STORE the pieces of jewelry in a dry place and in the jewelry bag or box. 

CARE for and be gentle with taking the jewelry on and off.  We recommend you apply each beaded bracelet one at a time and to roll each beaded bracelet onto your wrist. Putting on or removing the layered bracelets all at once may cause the elastic to snap and now your smile becomes a frown.